Coaching Services

Coaching Services


Noelle Leemburg is a certified Executive and Business Coach.

Her mission is to provide the impetus for Entrepreneurs and Health-Prenuers to develop the mindset, skills, knowledge and methodologies that will catapult their performance in business and in life.

Core Values

I believe that we need to live our values, not just talk about them. It’s important to me to create a fulfilled life, with a harmonious balance between driving forward and living in the present.


Execution is critical to success. I live and breathe my word. I will hold you accountable to following through in a  way that inspires you to take action and get results.

Continuous Growth

My focus is on your continued learning and improvement so you can actualize your ambitions.


Honesty and confidentially are the heart of my business. I am ethically responsible to safe guard all information exchanged.


We are in this journey together, to help you achieve your very best. I will respect your decisions and your ideas, share in your wins and support you through the challenging times.

Why Hire a Business Coach?

A business coach will teach you how to run your business more effectively. With the right knowledge and a clear methodology, a Business Coach will help you plan and make decisions based on results that are tracked, measured, and analyzed, leading to more impactful activities and decisions.

Coaches play a pivotal role in helping you think differently. The don’t work in the business, they work on the business, with you. They hold your feet to the fire and challenge your views. They help you ensure everything you do has positive impact on you and your company.

Why Work with Noelle

Not only will you have a plethora of proven tools at your fingertips, Noelle’s unique abilities, experiences and expertise will inspire you, your team and will help you get short and long term tangible goals.

You also have access to monthly workshops, award ceremonies and resources galore to help you in all stages and areas of your business growth. The program is based on the success and failures of the largest sporting goods stores in Canada – Sport Check built by the Forzani’s. We keep it simple and hold the space for you to learn and grow at your own pace. Did I tell you about our pricing tool? This one tool alone will provide you with so much knowledge about your business, you’ll be wish you had found the program years ago.

Professional success, personal fulfillment, quality of life; these may not be everyone’s goals, but if they are yours, know that choosing to align with Noelle Leemburg, you can have it all.

So bSavvy!  Call and make an appointment to learn more today.

Business Coaching

Master your productivity and discover a simpler way to get better results with our proven Business Coaching.

Client Creation Coaching

Are you a Heart Centered
Therapist, Coach or Practioner
and need more clients?

Noelle has been amazing at listening to the specific difficulties I face as a small business owner. In listening, she has helped me find specific and easily implemented changes that have reduced my stress-level and raised my income. And she has helped me to see a way forward to growing my business substantially.

Thanks Noelle!

-Alicia Shively