Business Coaching & Consulting

Business Coaching & Consulting


Is a long term relationship built on trust and communication with a focus on improved performance and results.

It’s a solution for business owners who want to increase their knowledge, learn best practices suitable to their business, gain expertise and to be held accountable.

It’s what successful people seek to achieve their greatest potential and beyond.

Noelle is a Certified Executive & Business Coach using a proven program that has been built upon the major success and failures of other entrepreneurs.

She offers organization’s exclusive instruction and guidance in attaining higher levels of profitability, improved leadership and organizational skills.

Why Hire Noelle?

Noelle has a proven track record of achieving the results clients want.

Noelle has been amazing at listening to the specific difficulties I face as a small business owner. In listening, she has helped me find specific and easily implemented changes that have reduced my stress-level and raised my income. And she has helped me to see a way forward to growing my business substantially.

Key Outcomes of Working with Noelle:

  • Systems that save you time, energy and money; leading to increased profits
  • Leadership skills that inspire, influence and empower others; resulting in higher retention & productivity
  • A clear understanding of the story behind your numbers – leads to more impactful decisions
  • Ideas turned into action through disciplined execution
  • Less stress, less overwhelmed and more time to focus on you and your business
  • Empowered, encouraged and excited about your future

As a successful business coach she will teach you how to run your business more effectively. With the right knowledge and a clear methodology specific to you and your business, it is Noelle’s mission to help you plan and make decisions based on results that are tracked, measured, and analyzed, leading to more impactful activities and decisions.

Coaches play a pivotal role in helping you think differently and Noelle is known for her direct, results driven, laser focused coaching.

An effective coach doesn’t work in the business, they work on the business, with you. They hold your feet to the fire and challenge your views with the best interest of your business in mind.

Noelle Leemburg promises to do this because she knows the importance of your business to your entire life. She empowers you, inspires you and ensures you follow through on what’s important to your business growth.


What if getting better results were made simpler?

How would this change your business, your life?