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Sales Coaching
for the Non-Selling Professional

There’s an erroneous idea out there that sales expertise is all about manipulating the customer into buying what they don’t want or need. The art of selling, is about making the customer’s dreams come true.

As a health care practitioner and/or business owner, you offer exactly what your client needs to solve their health challenges, achieve their goals, to propel them forward to healthier life. For them to achieve this and experience your professional service, a fair and noble exchange must take place.

Selling is not who you are, selling is what you do, it’s a role. You absolutely must get comfortable with and great at selling if you want to earn a fair market salary and build a healthy sustainable practice filled with clients that rave about you.

Develop the art and skills in the following areas:

  • Manage your mind, elevate your optimism and attract others to you with a stellar attitude about who you are and the services you offer.
  • Build your confidence, overcome self-limiting beliefs or fears about selling.Execution is the key – discover how to be action oriented and achieve your goals faster with more confidence and less stress.
  • Develop the ability to build rapport, recognize and relate to others and turn your caring into a competitive advantage.
  • Learn how to formulate words that flow when networking, building alliances, prospecting and asking for the commitment to move forward.
  • Discover how to build a killer sales strategy that aligns you to your target market and clients.
  • Develop your credibility in the marketplace & make money while serving others.



Through a complimentary 40-minute discovery consultation we will develop an understanding on what you need to work on the most. From there, I will completely customize our coaching to your needs, your short and long term goals and  your current skills.

Sales coaching is one hour, one on one, either face to face or via SKYPE on a weekly basis to keep you fired up, on track and getting results fast.

Coaching packages are available to fit your needs and your budget.

Self-discovery work, supporting tools, methodologies and strategic plans are included to support your learning outcomes.

Learn how you can build a rewarding and profitable business by improving your ability to connect and build clientele now and forever.

With over 20 years in sales and working as a sales trainer and coach, I am an authentic expert in the art of selling.  You will love our work together.

noelle leemburg Sales Coaching Heather AndrewsAfter meeting Noelle  I quickly came to realize how passionate she was to help small businesses succeed. I knew immediately  that I could trust her so  I hired her as my business and speaking coach. During our initial conversation, she shared her vision of my business going Canada wide. It totally shifted my mindset and realization for what I had created within my business.Noelle has helped me understand the importance of a budget, how to manage and learn from my numbers and build revenue with a focus on client service. It is truly amazing what this has done for my business. Noelle has been instrumental helping me with my body language, tone of voice, and other facets of speaking to help clarify my message and make my work more powerful when I am speaking, hosting webinars and teaching masterclasses online.

Working with Noelle has been excellent for me personally and professionally. My mindset of possibilities has expanded exponentially and I have already grown as a business owner.

Heather Andrews
Lifestyle Strategist

FollowIt Thru Coaching

noelle leemburg Sales Coaching Lena Rammarine“I hired Noelle as my sales coach and it completely changed my outlook on my career. I developed strategies and implemented everyone of them. My results were outstanding. Today I am at the top of my game! I credit a large part of that to my work with Noelle.”

Lena Ramnarine
Account Manager, Tempo Aerospace