Referral Program

You'll love my referral program where you can learn or earn. Your choice, check it out!

I believe that the greatest compliment anyone can give in business a referral to their family, friends, colleagues and others whose trust they’ve earned – to a provider they trust and know will make a difference in their life.

When we care about others and want the best for them, we connect them to experts who can help. I am grateful and appreciate your  referrals.

Therefore, I wanted to make my referral program is obvious and transparent.

“Cash or Coaching” is both an incentive and an appreciation program, and it’s very simple.

For every client you refer to Noelle, you will receive 30% of the value of their monthly coaching investment in cash or in exchange for cash, Noelle will provide insight, consulting or coaching in an area that you want to improve your performance for the same value.

Please have your referral contact me directly or kindly take the time to introduce us through an email or face to face. Who doesn’t love a free cappuccino?

This is a program set up so everyone wins. There is never an obligation for your referral to work with me, just to share in their challenges so I can offer insight that provokes thought and action.

Noelle Leemburg