Keynote Speaking & Presentations

Noelle’s topics are designed to give audiences what they want: A POWERFUL MESSAGE, MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION. With laugh-out-loud humor and powerhouse strategies she helps them achieve the health, happiness and success they want at work and at home.

Noelle is known for her passion on her topic, her ability to relate to the audience and her energy for helping people succeed in relationships in both business and personal life.  Noelle brings a unique background and strategy, contagious enthusiasm and decades of experience to any speaking engagement.

Noelle focuses on real solutions to real problems and provides strategies and tools the audience can implement immediately.  She moves people to take  action which leads to lasting transformation.

She keeps the audience engaged and challenged to make the behavioural changes after the engagement, through ongoing communication she will get them doing challenges, answering quizzes, reporting on results and using leaderboards to keep them excited about their new found behaviours.

Fuel your company with a renewed sense of purpose and energy. Create a desire to be more collaborative and creative. Give people the positive push, the inspiration to take hold of the message and implement the learning, long after your event is over.

Noelle is diligent in getting to know the audience, the culture of the company and the objectives of the event to tailor her talk so that the members of the audience relate to the content.  She ensures the examples and stories are relevant to everyone.  This way, the message is timely, vital to the success of the event and customized for the market and organization.

Boost Your Business Bottom Line –

The Art of Savvy Selling

Got a great solution to sell, but you just can’t seal the deal?

Could be your perception of sales needs an “insight upgrade”.

There’s an erroneous idea out there that sales expertise is all about manipulating the customer into buying what they don’t want or need. In reality, the art of selling, in essence, is about making the customer’s dreams come true.

As the entrepreneur, you offer exactly what your client needs to solve their problems, achieve their goals, to propel them forward to wherever they want to be. Thus it follows that, in order for them to make use of your very effective solution, a fair and noble exchange has to take place.

Make the change to savvy thinking like that and, lo and behold, you’ve made a sale!

Inconsistent Overwhelm To Predictable Profits –

Empower Your Business!

Building a successful, sustainable business takes a crystal-clear vision, followed up by a subsequent strategic action plan initiating impactful activities and routines. Once implemented, the results of these tactics must be measured to gauge the effectiveness of everything you do.

Killer sales conversions, self-reliant systems and stellar KPI’s; you CAN have it all when you have the right tools, systems and routines in place to sustain YOUR business.

This presentation is perfect for emerging and established entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and Healthprenuers who are truly keen on building a purposeful profitable business.

Noelle delivered tangible tools our members can implement to ensure consistent return on their  efforts. Noelle is a positive, energetic presenter, who interjects a personal touch into every aspect of her presentation.

Noelle walks the walk, and talks the talk. Taunya Woods Richardson, President & CEO, Sharpen Your Saw International Inc.


Noelle is a fabulous speaker, she is living what she preaches and I would recommend her to anyone in business. Genevieve Casault, Business Advisor, Meyers Norris Penny


Excellent, totally down to earth, sensible and usable information.   Clive Sharpe, Walker Financial Services, Franchise owner


Awesome speaker!  I hope we can have you out for our National Sales Meeting. Dean Murphy, Novartis Animal Health, Territory Manager


Noelle I would say I found your presentation very useful.  Your energy and goal directed ideas are excellent. Peter Graves, Director of Corporate Publishing Red Point Media


The information you delivered boosts our thought process on how to make more money and to stay on track. Lisa Wine, Garrett Agencies, Sales & Marketing Associate 


Excellent speaker! You provided good solid fundamentals and practical steps to achieving goalsSonia Mah, Gas Supply Manager, Nova Chemicals


Noelle provides an adrenaline rush with a unique positive perspective! Cindy Copp, Associate, Nova Chemicals