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testimonials What Others Are Saying Janice BrownHave you ever heard the phrase, “you don’t know, what you don’t know?” Well that was my experience before I started working with Noelle. I was intrigued by the idea of what a Coach could help me recognize about myself, someone who could pull me up by the shoe strings and kick me in the hind cheeks when needed. But what I discovered about myself through working with Noelle has changed    my life.

Recently, she asked me what I needed, and I could not come up with an immediate answer about how she could help me in the moment. I was compelled to share how she has already helped me so much. I told her that she is “my seeds, my water and my sunshine” and through working with her I have blossomed rapidly in ways I could not have believed possible.

I didn’t know what a coach could do for me; I do now. A Coach can change your life. If you need another set of eyes on your world, the ones you want seeing your progress belong to Noelle Leemburg! I highly recommend her. She is amazing at what she does and she is a tender, wise and beautiful Soul.

Janice Brown, DTCM, R.Ac.
Dean of Academics, Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Founder, Heart Spark Moment

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Noelle when I was beginning to grow my existing business. At the time, my focus was on increasing sales. Noelle provided structure and counsel; as a result I was better able to focus my company’s sales efforts.

Noelle has a broad range of experience, a solid toolkit, and is able to customize her coaching approach based upon the effort she makes to understand the client and where they want to take their company. She will definitely make a difference!

Kevin Baril,
Sr. VP Sales & Marketing

It is not often that you find that rare combination of excellent analytical skills combined with practical application. Noelle brings both experience and good judgement to her work with clients leaving them with clarity of purpose and enthusiasm to move ahead.
Patricia Pitsel, Ph.D
Consultant and Mentor 

I have had over 11 years of experience working with and benefiting from the skill set of Noelle. We met in 2005 when she was the speaker at a trade association event in Calgary. She provided training to our leadership and sales teams before working with our company for 5 years, managing great growth in our revenues and profit margins. Noelle hired exceptional people in her role as Sales Director, Canada and met or exceeded aggressive targets and expectations. Noelle is a highly skilled coach, trainer, and communicator and holds people accountable for results. I highly recommend Noelle to anyone who may need to accelerate the growth of their employees, their sales and their overall business.

Ken Chisholm,
VP Sales and Distribution
Bodtker Group of Companies

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Noelle is an amazing communicator, leadership and business coach. She came highly recommended and far exceeded our expectations as a coach and mentor to the leaders at our organization.
Graham Construction