Meet Noelle

Noelle Leemburg – Execution Expert, Passionate about Helping People Achieve More

When I was voted in as a peer counselor in grade 7, I never would have guessed that 30 years later, my profession would be helping others improve their performance in life and in business. What a great honor it is to be in this position.

I have worked for six startup companies, including two of my own. I’ve also found success in management and leadership roles for medium and large corporate companies. Taking a company National, leading teams of 45 people and managing revenues of $250 million were life changing experiences that helped me become the leader I am today.

My heart however lies in my ability to have a significant and direct impact on the personal and professional development of others. Therefore, I am back in the business of coaching, customized training and public speaking after a seven-year hiatus.

I’m a certified Executive and Business Coach, an international Public Speaker, published Author and certified Adult Educator.

I have been told that I have an innate ability to connect and understand people. That I inspire others to change their mindset, their behaviours and to implement habits to achieve their goals in life and in business. That through my compassionate energetic personality albeit bold and assertive, that my work has impacted more lives than I’ll ever know.

With experience and the ability to analyze company processes I can provide direction on how modifying or building new systems and implementing tools and routines will improve productivity and performance. Creating stronger internal and external customer relations through my training has helped improve teamwork, collaboration, has increased revenues and improved companies’ overall effectiveness giving them a competitive edge.

Inspiring people to be learn, to be committed and to execute on the most important activities that garner results is what gets me out of bed every day. I am fuelled by my desire to help others!

Bottom line, I care about people. I care about small businesses and I am passionate about health. I will do everything in my power and beyond to provide the insight, resources, knowledge, tools and methodologies to transform the life of others and their business.

Noelle Leemburg